Halloween is a big deal at Guru Studio. Every year the marketing, Ops and People & Culture department go to great effort at celebrating this fun holiday right. However, since going fully remote in 2020, communications to the studio have become more and more important - keeping everyone on the same page as well as generating the most hype possible.

This year, 2022, Guru Studio celebrates in four separate activities. Each of these activities were handed to me to make effective, eye-catching and informative banners in a short turn around. As part of Guru's digital communcations, each of these graphics had to be made to live in Mail Chimp email formats, on our specialized hub - the Guru Intranet, and for banners on Google Forms.

I aimed to make things legible, fun and cohesive by  working out an overall brand and iterating on it. I quickly established a Halloween wordmark, and a bright-gradient-withpattern-approach that I could apply different Halloween colours on to.
Halloween at Guru was a huge success with a 22% increase in engagement (via costume submissions as well as MailChimp statistics).
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