10 Seasons of PAW with Guru Studio
The world's biggest preschool property celebrated its 10th season of production in 2022. To celebrate and promote their partnership with Spin Master, I was tasked with producing an energetic and eye catching official post with official assets but also minimal direction to produce my own text lockup and layout.
In the thumbnailing stage, I prefer to work quickly and cover ground fast. In the end we felt C was the most exciting and worked into it.
After a thumnail was selected, I went through some experiementation in layout and elements to arrive at the final design
The Result
This graphic was posted across all social media, garnered a lot of interest, thousands of likes and a special kudos from IP owner, Spin Master.

Later, I used this as a foundation for an 8' tall standee banner, to be featured in Guru Studio's 2023 Kidscreen presentation - also featured here in my portfolio.
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